Our Mission

Is to raise the social media literacy of New Zealand organisations. Compared to the rest of the world, our country is on the back foot. We aim to catapult us all into the forefront of the commercial fray by making the most of social media marketing.

Our Marketing Philosophy

Is the opposite of an ad that shouts at you halfway through your favourite TV show. Your customers should choose, appreciate and want to engage in marketing. If you are interesting, relevant and useful to your customers, your brand will be rewarded.

Our Story

Mosh began during an MBA project in 2009. Co-founded by Jon, Jeremy and Julian, Mosh operates offices in Auckland and Mt Maunganui. We have built a team with a great mixture of creative, technical and efficient output. The right combination when you want blinding ideas put into practice.

Jon Profile Image


Sales Director

Jon has a degree in English Literature and Classical Studies, has been a business banking manager and run a language school in Japan. He’s got a knack for listening to clients and picking out how we can help you. He has come up with some genius social media campaigns for big name brands so we don’t get too jealous about him swanning around having lunches with clients and scouting out social media experts to join our crew.
Julian Profile Image


Head of Strategy

Julian has an epic background in digital advertising, social media and branding so is well placed to run the department which produces the über hot looking, tightly performing technical stuff which your customers will see and use. He has a degree in graphic design and digital media, was a senior consultant for a specialist digital agency in Melbourne and has worked as a graphic designer, art director, creative director and project manager.
Jeremy Profile Image


Managing Director

Jeremy studied and practiced engineering in Melbourne before coming home to New Zealand to do an MBA with an emphasis on the use of social media in business. He’s a formidable strategist and skilled at ensuring our creative juices are continually aligned with our clients’ business objectives and budgets as well as running our back office.
Camilla Profile Image


Account Manager

With a Broadcast Journalism degree from Pepperdine University in tow, Camilla returned to Auckland from the U-S of A and is pursuing her true passion in the media realm. Naturally, Camilla’s desire to study journalism was birthed during her “very normal” teenage years as a presenter for Nickelodeon Asia in Singapore. Her international upbringing and multi city travel log place her perfectly to manage the many personalities that Mosh encounters daily. Her sass, pragmatism, and can-do attitude are just why we asked her to start Moshing with us.
Sophie Profile Image


Social Media Manager

Sophie has multi-tasking so down pat that she snuck onto the Mosh team while still completing her final year of a Marketing and Design degree at AUT University. During her student years, she gained far too much experience procrastinating on Facebook and Instagram, so it was only natural she put those skills to good use as part of the Mosh content team. In her spare time she pairs her love for all things food with an active lifestyle, and she’s constantly day dreaming about her next adventure.
Natalie Profile Image


Social Media Manager

One of our new recruits, Natalie joined the Mosh team in 2016. While completing a Bachelor of Law and Arts conjoint Natalie stayed closer to the kitchen than the courtroom, working at My Food Bag. In the Customer Experience team, she perfected the art of the food pun and learned to love interacting with customers across social media platforms. When not in the office she can be found hiking the hills of Auckland, or dreaming up her next DIY project.
Bridget Profile Image


Social Media Manager

With a degree in Public Relations and Linguistics, it’s pretty clear that Bridget has communication down to a fine art – especially when it comes to Social Media. Bridget dabbled in a few Social Media Management projects in Wellington before joining the Mosh team up in Auckland. Snapchat and Instagram are her fave platforms to work with, and when she’s not scrolling, snapping or liking, Bridget likes to get her sweat on at hot yoga, keep up to date with current affairs and spend time with family and friends.
Kellie Profile Image


Campaign Manager

Despite having a Bachelor of Arts majoring in drama, Kellie specialises in masterfully conducting and removing the drama from our campaign projects. She has a well-rounded background in marketing, having spent nine years in the field in roles such as Graphic Designer, Product Photographer, Administrator and Marketing Manager. She knows her way around projects, has organisation skills to boot and with her finger in lots of pies, she’s quickly become our go-to campaign specialist.
Tom Profile Image



After spending seven years in cold and windy Wellington, Tom decided to follow the masses and migrate to the sunny pastures of Auckland to pursue his ventures in Graphic Design. Being a visual and creative kid, Tom works on everything from creating Social Campaigns to making videos. In the weekends, you’ll find Tom exploring nature, along with new bars and restaurants. Tom has a unique approach to work and pushes the boundaries of what can be done on social platforms.
Karthik Profile Image


Senior Developer

Karthik has a post graduate degree in computer science and worked as a software developer throughout New Zealand for a number of years. He’s very passionate about software technologies (geek alert!) and loves creating social media apps, as they can reach a huge audience and then he feels famous.
James Profile Image


Social Media Assistant

James is a full-time student and a part time Mosher. He is an invaluable addition to the Mosh team and we’d be lost without him, hurry up and graduate James! In his spare time James is a professional laugh-maker.