We’re making too much money – said no company ever! We’re getting too many leads – said one company, Advance Build. 

Based in the far North, Advance Build NZ is a family owned building company who are taking a traditional industry and turning it on it’s head. Offering a new way of building which is easy, exciting and hassle-free, Advance Build has taken the most painful aspects of the industry and done away with them. Creating a business model which is timely, cost effective and fool proof. 

Now all they need to do is yell it from the rooftops! Or in this case, from the newsfeed, and that’s exactly what Mosh did. We created a Lead Generation Campaign through Facebook and Instagram. Ads which boasted Advance Build’s easy to understand and timely business model and inviting followers to “Sign Up” or “Learn More”. A simple expression of interest form, targeted at those who we believed would be in the market for a beautiful and affordable home. 

And boy oh boy it worked! In the first 3 months of go live there were 125 lead generation forms completed by people genuinely interested in wanting to purchase a new home. To round out the year December saw 94 lead forms completed – new house for Christmas anyone? 

January came along and we received this in an email from Advance Build: 

“We are getting amazing amounts of inquiries (more than we need!) so would like to ease off a bit on the spend and focus on the ones we are getting.” – Advance Build Team

Within 5 months, and 278 leads, Advance Build were forced to slice their media budget in half. Too many houses to build, too little time. After all Northland wasn’t built in a day. 

“Could we please reduce our spend on Facebook by 50%” – Advance Build 

With the ads budget halved the number of leads coming through became more manageable for the sales team. Homes were being built and delivered, rain hail or shine and kiwi families were able to live their new home dreams.