Novelty games and flashy installations create memorable events, but are they linked to your wider brand strategy? Integrating the fun, glamour and exposure with a social media campaign can push your event, and your brand to the masses.

Hang Time Cam

Hang Time will have your audience looking like they were in the Matrix. Our 12 camera rig captures a moment frozen in time and allows the subject to ‘hang’ with a 3D-like panorama effect. If you’re looking to add the ‘wow’ factor to your event, then Hang Time is what you’re looking for. It will create excitement at the event itself, and your audience will *need* to share these moments online.

Giphy Pod

Gify Pod allows you to capture the energy of your attendees in animated GIFs, which they can then post to their networks. Animated GIFs immediately catch the eye, and stand out against all the static images that clutter the social media platforms. It’s also a fun to use. Attendees will come back again and again trying to outdo each other’s pose.


When people go to an event they’re excited, and dressed up. Insta-Moment captures the experience along with your branding, and allows the audience to share their moments with their friends. Insta-Moment can be printed out from our decorated print pod, or from behind a desk. The moments can also be posted to an online gallery, and straight to social media. We can also encourage the audience to take their own Insta-Moments, where if they post a photo with a predetermined hashtag to Instagram their photo will be printed at our station. This is a great way to encourage user-generated content at your next event.

What they say

“We would highly recommend the team at MOSH. We look forward to working with them again.”

Robert Coulter
Zephyr WPD

“Social media is a constant in every marketing campaign we produce – the value for money is outstanding and it appeals well to our target market.”

Ben Cumming
General Manager
Hell Pizza

“Working with the team at Mosh has been a very refreshing experience. Their knowledge and expertise in the field are vast; they have an excellent way of understanding the challenge at hand, the business context around it and the importance of tailoring a solution to suit.”

Tali Rose
Digital Marketing Manager
Panasonic New Zealand Limited

“The gentlemen at Mosh have a knowledge second to none on everything Social Media.”

Rachel Craig
Business Services Executive

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106, 150 Karangahape Road
Auckland 1010

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