Breaking news: Christmas is coming. And yes, most brands have launched their holiday campaigns, particularly those in the Northern Hemisphere, who start celebrating in about September. It’s a busy time of year for most consumer brands, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the flood of tinselly, red and green content.

But here are four brands who are using social media effectively to turn heads and give Christmas a new lease on life.

#BondsMakeTheSeason by Bonds Australia

Apparel brand Bonds has launched its holiday campaign, #BondsMakeTheSeason, with a hiss and a bang. Emily Small, General Manager of Bonds’ parent company, told the Daily Mail the campaign is about “celebrating the bonds that make the season and those are different for every individual”.

“We are a brand that celebrates all Australians and we wish the couple featured in our social post along with everyone else an equally special and enjoyable festive season,” she says.

She’s responding to homophobic backlash from a pack of bigots after the below image was posted to its Instagram page. What Bonds has done is smart. It’s raised the bar in terms of inclusiveness and created content that’s thumb-stopping. All this on a relatively low budget without the straight, white, good-looking models.

#GoJumpers by Marks and Spencer UK

On the other side of the world where the days are growing shorter, the woollies are coming out. In the UK, Marks and Spencer is leveraging the humble Christmas jumper with House of Pain’s Jump Around. For a brand that’s synonymous with cheesy Christmas jingles and sparkly visuals, the new creative direction is a sign of the megastore moving into a new age.

The campaign has already struck a chord with the British masses, who love two things: Christmas and Christmas jumpers. The hashtag has already generated thousands of posts.

What Is Love? By Burberry

Love appears to be the recurring theme this year, and that’s unsurprising given the political landscape. Burberry’s festive campaign, What Is Love, celebrates relationships. I know, the sentiment isn’t ground-breaking, but the creative stands out in the feed. It defies Christmas tradition with bomber jackets and double denim.


Nick Offerman’s Yule Log by Lagavulin

This one isn’t new, and I’m not sure you could call it a campaign. But then, what you do call a man sitting next to a fire, drinking whiskey in silence for 45 minutes?

In 2015, whiskey brand Lagavulin hired comedian Nick Offerman to create a parody of yule log videos that are so popular in colder climates. The video went viral despite its extreme length. This is a perfect example of how a simple idea can have a huge payoff if it connects with your audience.

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