Cinderella NZ, a brand brought to New Zealand by James Crisp in 1956. Back then, how much someone liked you was measured in smiles and waves, rather than likes and emojis. Fast forward to 2020 and Cinderella is a well-known brand, lining supermarket shelves with their pantry staples for all New Zealanders to enjoy.

The challenge of course, is that supermarkets line their shelves with many other glorious brands and it just so happens, what someone saw on Facebook that morning may just sway them in their importantly sweet decision.

Queue Mosh and their gaggle of quick witted copy writers and photo obsessed graphic designers, never short of a rhyme, pun or animation. Ready to send Cinderella’s Facebook page into superstardom.

The task – to create 6 ads, targeted at future page likers, enticing them into the fabulous online world of Cinderella recipes, products and baking puns.

What worked – show people what they’ll get in return. The most successful campaigns are those which have prizes attached destined for one lucky winner. A prize for just clicking a button. Seems simple, and it is, people love free stuff.

Keep it simple. Scrolling is hard, reading captions is even harder. Make it easy on those late night Facebook viewers, eyes glazed over, thumb cramping, make it one tag or a like or a follow. No one should have to steal the Declaration of Independence for a goodie bag and a shout out.

What doesn’t work – long form videos. Again, people are busy and the internet is a big place. There is a lot of content to get through and only a short bus ride home so don’t force followers to view a 20 minute video for the secret to the universe at the end.

Videos with sound. I haven’t taken my phone off silent since I had a hot pink Motorola, and I will not start now. Subtitle your content – no one can hear you!

All in all Cinderella’s page like campaign went down a treat. With over 3000 new likers, kiwi kitchens just got a little sweeter. Bright, eye catching imagery, simple captions, and a years’ supply of baking goodness caused a flood of Facebook likes and a new group of followers to serve only the most delicious posts to. The only thing more Cinderella could have asked for would be a flour shortage. Oh.

Page Like Campaign Social Media Case Study