Collagen is something you never knew you needed, until Dose & Co came onto the scene. After being on the market for just over a year, and having already achieved nationwide success, with their sights now set on Australia and the US. Dose & Co has established itself as a well-known, trusted, premium Collagen brand with a cult following.

Fitness Junkie Khloe Kardashian has even recently posted about using Dose & Co on her Instagram story several times. If that doesn’t scream success as a new brand then we don’t know what does. 

Now we’ve talked about the brand’s success, let’s rewind to pre-launch where, founder Libby Mathews, reached out to us for some slick imagery to support her new brand launch. Libby knew what she wanted from the get go, and had a clear vision in mind for how she wanted the shots to look. She provided reference shots and a clear brief – what more could we want!

Setting expectations early on means there are no surprises when we deliver the imagery.

Soft, simple, grounded, and chic was what we aimed for. For the imagery to really pop, we stuck to light pastel toned backdrops to ensure the focus was always on the product. When selecting props we were strategic. Nothing we chose should be distracting or take away the key focus of the brand. Using hero ingredients was a big part of what we shot, this ensured the brand evoked premium, healthy ingredients within the products.

Five shoots down the track and we are pretty stoked with what we’ve accomplished.

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