The Challenge

ANZAC day – and long weekends mean people cook less. HELL was keen to boost sales over the long weekend yet did not want to be seen to be ‘jumping on the ANZAC bandwagon’ as with many other lowbrow campaigns circulating at the time of the event. Additionally, ANZAC Day did not present a particularly appropriate alignment for the often provocative Hell brand.

We had to be careful. While the ANZACs went through hell themselves, we weren’t looking for controversy.

With a budget of $3k to do it our initial campaign targets were to:

  • Get a “decent, measurable ROI”
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of database targeting

The Solution

We created an offer – free delivery and no surcharge for online orders over $20 –  that resonated with customers, focusing on the ‘long weekend’ in the creative and avoided ANZAC Day references and we decided not to post on the page at all that day. We created separate dark posts targeting the HELL Pizza email database list and others in their demographic. The creative was focused on the long weekend and telling customers to relax. In fact, the promo code to be used had “Relax” in it. No reference to ANZAC Day was made.

The previously installed Facebook conversion pixel would play an integral role in measuring the results of this campaign.

The Result

The creative sentiment and database driven strategy of this campaign resonated with customers, resulting in 2,514,849 total impressions, 1,582 conversions and a total conversion value of $54,379.40. All in one day.

Segmenting the allotted budget between existing and new customers (we employed an 80/20 split) played a key role in driving conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of database targeting. New customers accounted for 1,742,677 impressions, 124 conversions and $4,429.00 of the total conversion value. While existing HELL database customers contributed 772,172 impressions, 1,458 conversions and the remaining $49,950.40 of total conversion value.

Overall, the success of this campaign bolstered the client’s confidence in Facebook database targeting producing a “decent, measurable ROI”. Alongside a pleasing spike in sales, we were able to present valuable insights as to the behaviours of each audience segment.

Campaign HELLish Day