Social media presented a world of opportunity for Open Wānanga, but the ad hoc approach was returning little value for the tertiary organisation. Upskilling the marketing team was imperative and after a very positive experience at one of our open workshops, Open Wānanga requested further private training from which they could create an official social media strategy. Through a custom-built training day, we gave Open Wānanga’s social media efforts purpose and direction and the team took on a new confidence in using social media.

“In working with Mosh on the use of social media for marketing we wholeheartedly recommend them for their skill, knowledge and intelligent training. They identified which social media would be ideal for us and then took us fully through how to use to them most effectively.

“They researched our organisation, our focus, aims and needs and then skillfully designed their training to match. The delivery of the training was clear, structured and also flexible enough to pick up on new ideas which we created as we went along.

“Jon and Julian are great presenters using a helpful and powerful combination of formal and informal presentation. We have learnt an amazing amount of information and techniques which following their guidelines we have already successfully begun to implement.

Thank you Mosh for a brilliant job well done.

David Lewis – Programme Projects Manager, Open Wānanga
Campaign Open Wananga