How do you encourage more young people to enter the automotive industry, whilst driving web traffic to a new site?

With a kick-ass video rolled out across multiple platforms through tactical and engaging social media campaigns.

Automotive industry representatives, MTA, have been working to inspire future generations of automotive professionals. With a newly launched (very snazzy!) website, they were looking for ways to highlight automotive apprenticeship opportunities to aspiring mechanics, whilst also driving traffic to their new site. This is where Mosh stepped in.

What We Did:

The Production Phase.

Real people, real stories  – Relatability had to be at the heart of the stories we were sharing. Young people trust, you guessed it, other young people! So what better way to promote automotive apprenticeships than to talk to, and get valuable insights from, some newly graduated apprentices? So with a clipboard full of engaging questions, a shot list, and a storyboard in hand, we sourced two local apprentices, Tristan and Gabby, at AutoSuper Shoppe centres, to share their journey with us. Tristan and Gabby both share a passion for all things automotive and as recent graduates from the apprenticeship program, they offered valuable insights into what other aspiring apprentices can expect when going through the program themselves, and where a career in the industry can lead them. 

Videography – From shots of the workshop and the apprentices in action to interactions with other mechanics, we shot B-roll footage to give real insights into the industry. We also took secondary equipment to take stills of the workshops and apprentices that would be used in upcoming social content over the next 3 months to help further promote the available apprenticeship programs.

Post-production –  From the shoots, we moved to the editing suite. This is where the art of storytelling really comes into play. We selected and cut down terabytes of footage, using vibrant music, and clever colour-grading to bring Tristan and Gabby’s stories to life. Creating a minute-long video to be featured directly on the MTA website,  whilst also being versatile enough to be cut into over 20 TikToks; short, sharp bursts of content that would be sharable, easy to digest on socials; just how our audience would expect to consume content. 

The Campaign Phase.

Utilising the video shoots and the subsequent footage was key to making these campaigns come to life. We chopped and edited the footage and stills to create a total of 5 campaigns that would span a 3 month period – 2 campaigns per month, and a final single campaign, across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

The campaigns ran as follows: 

  • Awareness Campaigns – With a focus on authentic storytelling to grab the attention of the viewer. These campaigns had broad targeting with a video views objective to get the stories out there.
  • Engagement Campaigns – Using data being collected from the awareness campaigns, we remarketed to those who responded well and showed interest. These campaigns had a focus on compelling storytelling, with a call to action to view the full video on the new MTA website.
  • Conversion Campaigns – With narrow targeting, we remarketed to those who engaged with the previous campaign. These campaigns featured strong calls to action guiding people to the MTA website, where they could watch the full video and learn more about available apprenticeship programs.

The Business As Usual Phase.

The final phase was business as usual. Using stills and video footage we repurposed all creative assets to create fun, engaging and most importantly supporting on-feed posts for the MTA social media channels. Driving people through to the website and guiding the next generation of automotive professionals.