When it comes to giving back to the community, MAS Foundation know a thing or two.

As the philanthropic arm of insurance provider Medical Assurance Society, MAS Foundation has a partnership-based approach to supporting and funding projects that address health equity issues across New Zealand. So when they partnered with Health Coalition Aotearoa (HCA) they turned to Mosh to come up with a way to promote this new partnership and highlight the good that HCA do and how MAS Foundation funding was being used to work towards a more equitable New Zealand.

The task: To come up with a creative and engaging way to promote the MAS and Health Coalition Aotearoa (HCA) partnership whilst highlighting the good that HCA does within the New Zealand health sector.

What we did:

Strategy first – With brief in hand, we got to work doing what we do best – coming up with a killer social media strategy. 

During pre-production, it was crucial for us to present this partnership in an authentic way to get the right message across to the target audience and accurately show current members of MAS where their insurance profits were going and where future profits could go. The strategy was to create a series of video campaigns, across multiple platforms.

Gaining real insight into HCA was also key for these campaigns. Cue Lisa and Hugo. As Co-Chair and Health Equity Communications Advocate for HCA, both Lisa and Hugo offered valuable insight into the ins and outs of HCA, making their input and their own opinions key for the success of the campaigns.

Videography and Production – We put together a comprehensive shot list, packed up our camera equipment and headed to the beautiful Wellington region to meet up with Lisa and Hugo. We captured cinematic-style footage of Lisa and Hugo, scenic shots of the stunning Wellington region and supportive street shots of local areas, to help trigger an emotive response from our audience and reinforce the message we were sharing. From there we delved straight into post-production where we meticulously and strategically selected shots, using colour-grading to create stunning visuals. We paired these visuals with slow-paced emotive music and emphasised nature sounds to provoke an emotional response from our audience. And with that, the hero video was a wrap!

So how was this used on social media?

The aim of the video campaigns was to ultimately create more awareness of the MAS Foundation and highlight the positive impact of its partnerships whilst simultaneously driving traffic to the MAS website. We repurposed the completed video to create optimised ads for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

The first campaign was an Awareness campaign targeting a broad audience to generate recognition of the MAS Foundation whilst creating a foundation to re-market from for the following Web Traffic campaigns. By doing this we were able to guide people interested in the MAS Foundation to the MAS website where they could learn more about the foundation and its purpose. In turn, this promoted the good MAS do and encouraged potential customers to sign up and become a MAS member. By the end of these two campaigns, we successfully raised awareness and showcased the incredible positive impact of MAS Foundation partnerships, whilst also creating an audience we can re-market through on-page ads in the future.