Ha, we thought so. We also think if you’re going to dip your toes into the torrid, turbulent waters of content creation – you need to do it properly. After all, the whole reason content is effective marketing is because it gives the audience something of value. And how do you create value? By investing energy and expertise, of course.

We understand your pristine copy needs to be accompanied by flawless images and high-quality videos with high-calibre sound and editing. However, we also understand the need to balance costs when it comes to creating some of these components yourself – especially when the lifespan of social media posts are so short.

At Mosh, we have picked up a trick or two to solving the ever-changing content puzzle. The bottom line here is quite literally about your bottom line: Why spend money on these elements when you can get the best images, video and sounds for free?

Using free resources wisely not only saves you money and time, but means you can invest that time and money creating your own original and organic content elsewhere. Here, we share some of our resources for maximising your content offerings.

Before we start though, don’t be a weirdo and use anything without correct permission or credit – that’s called stealing and will be V damaging for your brand. We actually wrote about this last week, so read more here if still not clear (or you just want to read more of our awesome blogs).

Cool, now we have that out of the way, here is our list:

  1. Google Image search
    Oooh, probably didn’t see that original one coming. Google Image is an excellent tool to check the origin of images, as well as the appropriate usage rights. You can reverse search an image you already have to see its origin, click on the Usage Rights tab, and even conduct an Advanced Search for free-to-use images only. Google’s guide to free-to-use images is here, a recommend save-to-favourites link if we ever did find one.
  2. Unsplash
    The holy grail of free, flawless online imagery, Unsplash is a haven of content dreams. Here, talented photographers from far and wide submit their fan-bloody-tastic work which anyone can use FOR FREE. The legends don’t even demand credit, but obviously you will return their generosity and credit them where possible.
  3. Flickr
    Even more creative legends (they’re everywhere) over on Flickr are sharing THEIR work for free, too. Head to the Creative Commons section of the site, suss out the various licenses applicable to using the images there and fill your virtual boots.
  4. Pexels
    Yup, ANOTHER free photo sharing website. Pexels also has videos it is giving out for free, and the options are expansive, high quality and worth your time. Skip to the end of this blog for a real treat.
  5. AllTheFreeStock
    But wait, there’s more. AllTheFreeStock is cool little portal offering “all the Free Stock Images ?, Videos ?, Music ? and Icons in one location”. Each body of work may be under a different license, so it’s always a good idea to check the terms of use on each before use.
  6. Instagram re-posts
    Our Instagram specialist mates Ace The Gram also love Unsplash, where you don’t always need to credit the creator, but co-founder Tasha Meys says screenshotting and reposting Instagram content with permission is a great way to source content too.
    “We search our favourite content creators then use the Instagram drop-down to find similar users. Another tip if you want to repost a video is to use the app “regrammer”. Make sure you always tag the creator in the caption though.”
  7. Facebook Sounds
    Making videos on Facebook was made a fair bit easier – and more high tech – with the latest on-platform innovation, Sound Collection introduced last year. A library of thousands of sound effects, Sound Collection aims to “spice up” users’ videos with high-quality audio tracks and sound effects from all over the world. Owned by Facebook, the sounds are free and cleared to use on any videos you make and share on both The ‘Book and The ‘Gram.

Well, that’s a grab bag for content elements made easy, but we would love to hear your feedback, and any hot tips of your own – feel free to leave a comment below or hit us up on social media. Or just watch this free spider video. 

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