Hey there. April, huh? Wow… Just, wow. 

As it starts to cool down here in lil ol’ NZ, we’re back with another roundup of things and happenings. From Elon just straight up buying Twitter to updates for Reels, Snapchat leading the AR game, and LinkedIn growing strong, it’s been an interesting month.

Blog: 5 Organic Social Media Mistakes You Might be Making

We’ve all made mistakes on social media, some big, some small. It’s fair to say we’ve been around a bit (13 years, to be exact), so we thought we’d let you in on five common mistakes we see happening so you can learn from other people’s mistakes!

Blog: Mosh’s Internet Slang 101

It happens to the best of us: You’re having a scroll and suddenly the words are all gibberish. The letters look like letters but they’re arranged in weird ways, like ‘Slay’, ‘TLDR’, and ‘NGL’. What does it meeeeean?

Luckily for you, our resident Gen-Z translator Yasmin has compiled a handy-dandy dictionary of some common internet slang to help guide you through the ever-changing landscape.

Elon Musk Just Bought Twitter. What Now?

What started as a meme has become reality: Twitter’s board has accepted an offer from Tesla CEO and amateur rocket enthusiast Elon Musk to buy the platform for US$44 Billion, taking the company private once again.

It’s part of Musk’s bid to restore Twitter to the ‘digital town square’ of the internet, where free speech reigns supreme.

As part of his promised changes, there are the lofty goals of authenticating all humans and defeating spambots. It will be interesting to see how Musk plans to execute on these promises.
Will there be a shift from Twitter’s traditional free-to-use platform supported by ad revenue to a paid service, along the lines of Twitter Blue?

What impact would this have on poorer user bases that can’t afford to pay for Twitter, but for whom the platform has been crucial in political and social movements?

Or will it all just turn into an Elon Musk meme-fest where he chucks out people who criticise him, as he’s been accused of in the past?

Needless to say, we’ll be watching this astounding development as it continues to roll on.

Drone Cameras and AR Tools. What Came out of Snap’s Partner Summit?

Snap continued its commitment to pushing the boundaries in some high-tech areas, as seen at the latest Partner Summit

And the one that you’ve probably heard the most about so far is a little drone called ‘Pixy‘ (see what they did there?).

The pocket-sized drone will fly a few feet above you and capture photos and videos that will then be uploaded directly into your Snap Memories to be sorted and shared at your leisure. 

Also as part of SPS 2022 was the unveiling of new AR shopping capabilities for brands, building on and expanding the virtual try-on filters that took off in the latter half of 2020. Allowing people to try clothing, shoes, sunglasses, and even showcase furniture in their homes before ever setting foot in a store, Snap continues to lead the way in AR implementation.

Instagram Tests Pinned Posts on User Profiles and Extending Reels to 90 seconds

Meta’s testbed platform Instagram has seen a few nifty new updates go into live testing over the last few weeks.

First off is the ability to pin posts to your profile. This allows users to keep up to 3 posts locked to the top row of their feed as seen in this example posted by user Salman Memon.

The second interesting feature comes in the form of allowing some users to create 90-second Reels, adding 30 seconds to the current limit available to all users. You can see the new time limit spotted by Twitter user Jonah Monzano and shared by social media spy specialist Matt Navarra.

Insta first tested longer Reels back in February, and the further extension highlights how the platform is pivoting its video content to focus around the Reels platform in its bid to combat platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. As Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri noted back in December: 

“We’re going to double-down on our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels”

The New Zealand Facebook And Instagram Report 2021

If you haven’t had a read through the latest iteration of our report, where have you been and why do you hate knowledge? 

Chock full of insights and standout examples of Kiwi brands out there changing the game, we’ve taken data from over 24,000 Facebook Pages and over 11,000 Instagram accounts and compiled them into a comprehensive report that will be useful to any digital marketer.

If you are looking for the state of play in NZ’s social media marketing space, you’ve come to the right place. 

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