Oh hey Mosh whānau!, Can you smell it? Love is in the air!

And no, we’re not talking about Cupid shooting their bow or baking heart-shaped cookies. It’s the sweet scent of the February Mosh Newsletter! With heart-eye topics like Instagram trialling a pre-publishing preview of feed posts, or Snapchat’s activation for the Super Bowl, stay tuned for more!

Blog: Mastering the Art of Recruiting Through Social Media

It’s the time of year when people are looking to change things up a bit career-wise. If you’re an employer, it’s time to dive into the future of recruitment with our latest piece on how to ace the art of finding top talent through social media.

We’re talking about turning your brand into something no candidate can resist, telling job stories that captivate, and making the most of platforms from LinkedIn to Instagram. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just keen to up your game, this guide’s packed with practical tips to give you the edge. Ready to transform your recruitment strategy? Swing by our website and give it a read – it’s a game-changer! 🚀

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After a hugely successful launch last year, we’re back for the first Mosh Social Media Advertising Masterclass for 2024. Join us on 26-28 February and get skilled up in the art and science of social media advertising!

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Instagram Trials New Preview Feature for Feed Posts

Hey, all you Instagram aficionados! If you’re all about curating that perfect feed and stressing over how your pic fits in, Instagram’s got you covered. It’s testing a cool new option that lets you preview how your feed posts will look before you hit that publish button. So say goodbye to guessing games and hello to that perfect feed you’ve been dreaming of!

With the new “Show preview” button in the post-composer process, just tap it, and voila! You’ll get a sneak peek of how your post will fit into your current profile grid, including any pinned posts.

Now, it’s not a total game-changer or a massive functional overhaul, but it’s a nifty little update that can help you plan your IG posts like a pro. Consistency is key when it comes to building your Instagram presence, and this feature makes it easier than ever to maintain that flawless vibe.

Snapchat’s Super Bowl Activation

Grab your hot wings and blue cheese dip because we’re about to get a fun treat from Snapchat for the Superbowl! Get ready to spice up your Super Bowl experience with Snapchat’s latest goodies! Snapchat is bringing the heat with exciting new activations for the big game, including a lineup of AR features to amp up your fandom. 

First off, Snap introduces a new Super Bowl prediction Lens, allowing users to flex their forecasting skills on various game outcomes while checking real-time data on Snapchat’s community picks. After the game, users can revisit their predictions and share the results with friends. It’s like a gateway into sports betting, but with a fun, interactive twist! 

Snapchat also rolls out its signature team Lenses for users to show off their support, alongside a new “Touchdown Challenge” in the Spotlight short video feature. Don’t miss out – hop on Snapchat now and dive into these fresh features while they’re still hot.

Advertisers Now Have Access to X’s Vertical Video Feed Ads

X is shaking things up by giving all advertisers access to its new vertical video ads. It might sound surprising that so many people are into vertical videos, especially since most of us hang out in the main feed. But get this: X says a whopping 100 million users are all about that vertical video life every single day! 

According to X, they’re going all-in on video, with it being part of nearly every user session. And hey, they’ve got the numbers to back it up with video views are skyrocketing at a cool 35% year over year. So, they’re spreading the love by making Vertical Video Ads available to everyone worldwide. 

Now, you might be wondering how X can call itself “video-first” when it doesn’t open to a video feed. Yeah, we’re scratching our heads too. But let’s not judge, anything can happen in the digital realm so maybe that’s next on their agenda! X swears by these Vertical Video Ads, claiming they’re the most engaging ad format they’ve ever dropped. And considering how video tweets on Twitter and vertical videos on X drive mad engagement, we’re not surprised!  So, what’s the bottom line? Well, if these stats hold up, diving into X’s vertical video ad option could be a game-changer.

The Mosh Social Media Report – NZ Beauty Edition

Have you read the Mosh Social Media Report – NZ Beauty Edition yet? If not, why not? We’ve created an extensive study of the most influential beauty brands in New Zealand and have shed light on the industry’s digital landscape.

What are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the curve, stay informed, get your copy of the report here, and embrace NZ’s biggest players in the beauty industry.

After years in the social game, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and we’re keen to share our digital wisdom! We’ve created a series of customisable modules. Whether you’re new to the gig and need to learn it all, or have been around these parts a while and have discovered a gap in your knowledge, come along and have a lesson on all things social! Check out all of our options here or get in touch for details. 

And that’s us! As the summer of love rolls on, thanks for spending a little bit of your day with us, and we’ll see you next time!

Big love,

The Mosh Crew.

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