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Of COURSE you do! It’s when the latest edition of the Mosh newsletter landed in your inbox! While the weather may be FINALLY warming up, we’re cranking up the heat in your inbox (as always).

This month, we’ve got insights on how to choose the ideal digital marketing agency for your small business and more inside goss on the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing. Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on this one!

How to Choose a Kick-Ass Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Are you a business owner or a marketing whiz? We get it – finding the perfect digital marketing sidekick can feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack. There are more agencies out there than you can shake a cursor at, all eager to snag your attention (and your budget). But fear not! We’re here to help you make this crucial decision and avoid any marketing mishaps. 

In a world where your business’s success is on the line, choosing the right digital marketing agency is like picking the winning lottery ticket. So, kick back, grab your fave fizzy bevvy, and let’s dive into the amazing Kate’s ultimate guide to finding your perfect digital marketing agency!

The Mosh Social Media Report – NZ Beauty Edition

Freezing in the middle of winter? We’re excited to offer you a HOT piece to read which is the Mosh Social Media Report – NZ Beauty Edition. We’ve created an extensive study of the most influential beauty brands in New Zealand and have shed light on the industry’s digital landscape.

What are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the curve, stay informed, get your copy of the report here, and embrace NZ’s biggest players in the beauty industry.

Move Over Traditional Marketing: Welcome Influencer Marketing

So, you know how you can’t go a day without seeing your favourite Instagram celeb promote the latest face cream or workout gadget? Well, turns out, you’re not alone! It’s now revealed that influencer marketing is skyrocketing faster than you can say “selfie.”

Brands are shelling out big bucks to get the hottest influencers on board. We’re talking mega influencers, nano influencers, and everyone in between. In fact, investment in influencer marketing has shot up like a rocket, leaving traditional advertising in the dust. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. People trust people, not ads. When your best friend tells you that new protein shake changed her life, you’re more likely to give it a shot, right? That’s the magic of influencers – they’re like your digital BFFs, and brands are cashing in on that trust. 

The bottom line? Influencer marketing is sizzling hot and shows no signs of cooling down. Brands are realising that to win your hearts (and wallets), they need to cosy up to your favourite influencers. So, get ready for more selfie-worthy ads in your feed!

Instagram Now Allowing Sharing of Feed Posts Exclusively with ‘Close Friends’

Another day, another Instagram slay. Yes, you guessed it, Instagram has just announced ANOTHER feature and we can’t keep up! So, what’s the buzz all about? Well, Instagram has just rolled out an option that lets you share your feed posts with your closest buddies – your “Close Friends,” to be precise. It’s like having your own VIP section in the realm of social media. 

Sooo, here’s the lowdown –  you know how you’ve got those buddies who you can trust with your life? The ones that are the first to know about your latest adventures and news? Now, you can make sure they’re the first ones to see your epic posts. Just choose the “Close Friends” option when you’re posting, and boom! It’s like an exclusive party just for your inner circle.

It’s simple to use really, all you need to do is tap the paper aeroplane icon (the same one you use for DMs), and from there, you’ll find an option to send it to your Close Friends list! Click it, and your besties will get an exclusive look at your selected content.

Go ahead folks, it’s time to update your Instagram app and get in on the action.

Pinterest Boosts Diversity with Body Type Matching

Calling up all fashionistas! Don’t miss out on this upcoming feature from Pinterest that lets you add a fantastic option to make your style exploration even more inclusive and diverse. Sounds pretty enticing hey? 

Pinterest has introduced a game-changer called “Body Type Matching“.

It’s like having a fashion-savvy sidekick who helps you find outfits that perfectly suit your unique body type. No more endless scrolling or squeezing into clothes that just don’t feel right! In a nutshell, Pinterest is taking a giant leap towards diversity and inclusivity. They’re making sure everyone, regardless of their body shape, feels fabulous and confident in their clothing choices.

But hang on, that’s not all. Pinterest is also looking into improving skin tone detection for more accurate beauty and hair-related recommendations so you can say goodbye to those mismatched foundation shades and hello to an improved beauty routine! 

So, get ready to rock out your style and discover your fashion soulmate on Pinterest. Your wardrobe and your confidence will thank you later.

An Honourable Shoutout To Boss-man Julian

Hold on, do you think we’re finishing off with that last piece? We’re not letting you leave just yet! Before you skedaddle off to wherever you’re going, we’d like to take a moment to applaud our big boss-man, Julian Thompson, who recently took the stage at the FMCG Business Innovation & Marketing Summit on September 13th.

Nice work, boss! (Let’s chat about that pay review now, yeah?)

After years in the social game, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and we’re keen to share our digital wisdom! We’ve created a series of customisable modules. Whether you’re new to the gig and need to learn it all, or have been around these parts a while and have discovered a gap in your knowledge, come along and have a lesson on all things social! Check out all of our options here or get in touch for details. 

And just like that September has blown away like a badly fit toupée in a brisk spring breeze!

Have a great one, Mosh whānau, UP THE WAHS, and we’ll see you in the next edition.

The Mosh Crew.

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