Call it superficial but in social media… image is everything. In our eyes, getting help from a professional photographer is an essential branding investment. Here’s why:

Stock photography is largely ignored and easily spotted

Let’s face it, as a digital agency nothing is more worrying than a brand using a badly photoshopped product on a stock image. And in this day and age, your followers can spot this faux pas a mile away! Overly shopped imagery can lead your brand to feel less ‘premium’ and a little staged.

The quality of professional imagery is incomparable… So please don’t send us photos from your iPhone

As an agency, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve been sent pixelated photos from a clients phone that they want used.

Photographers have technical knowledge, creativity, and high-technology cameras and gear that they use to create optimum imagery for your brand.

Long story short, nothing can compare to the quality produced by a professional photographer. So keep your iPhone photos for your personal accounts.

A professional shoot means creating the images YOU want

Using stock photography has its advantages, and in times can be a quick easy solution when imagery is needed.

However with stock, you cannot expect to find the exact photo that you need to use. With a professional shoot, you can make your vision for the brand come to life.

Ahead of the shoot, sit down with your social media agency and discuss your goals/visions for the shoot and sit back and relax as they bring your vision to life.

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