Wow, it’s been three years since we published our last report on the state of Facebook marketing in New Zealand. We finally got round to updating it, and while we were at it we threw a cool 11,000 New Zealand Instagram accounts into the analysis.

Check it out!

The New Zealand Facebook and Instagram Report 2020:

Download the report

Thanks for taking a look, and if you have any questions hit us up in the comments below, or get in touch.

5 comments so far

  1. Anon,

    Would have been interesting to see some stats or research on whether Facebook’s stance on deleting hate speech impacts the decision making to advertise on FB.

  2. Julian Thompson,

    Thanks for the comment, and yes, clearly it does impact the decision as we’ve seen recently with multiple advertisers deciding to pull their spend. This research was started a long time ago though, well before any of the current events. Cheers, Julian.

  3. Jeffrey,

    Too much focus on iconic national pride accounts etc and media accounts and not enough insight into effective strategies from brands across different industries. Otherwise a solid piece.

    • Julian Thompson,

      Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey. We’re going to update this next year so we’ll take your input on board. Cheers, Julian.

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