It’s the eternal question for social media marketers: How do you create engaging content, supercharge your social media marketing and stand out in a world of endless scrolling? Lucky you – we’ve got five tips to help supercharge your social media marketing in 2022!

On average, people are spending a whopping 147 minutes per day on social media and that number almost doubles among teenagers and young adults. 

TikTok has recently joined Apple in introducing screen time restrictions and as more research into the impact of social media on mental health comes out, the effort to reduce our time scrolling is bound to continue. 

So how can we stand out? And how can you create successful online marketing that will continue to drive results if or when people try to cut down their screen time? 

1. Make Amazing Online Content 

It sounds obvious, right? But make sure your content is brilliant! You have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention before they scroll on to the next thing so don’t shy away from a strong theme and a strong brand voice. Catch their attention, intrigue them and help them understand who you truly are as a brand- be unforgivingly original. Authenticity will help people connect with your brand and you’ll grow loyal customers. 

2. Align Your Social Media Activity With Your Business Goals

Keep the bigger picture in mind. Social media is great for reaching more people, building awareness, and creating a community but don’t forget that it’s a marketing tool. Your business goals should define your social media strategy. With your wider marketing strategy in mind, it will help you to understand who you are speaking to and therefore how you should speak to them. It will help you to understand what you are wanting to say to them, again giving insight into how you should speak to them. Your content will be guided by your business goals, helping you to nail that unforgiving originality! 

3. Adapt to all Platforms

The idea that you should stay ‘in your lane’ and avoid certain platforms depending on your target audience is becoming rather tired now, don’t you think? Having a presence across all the main social media platforms is only going to be a positive thing to build brand awareness and reach more people. Yes, put more weight on the platforms that feel most relevant to your brand but even repurposing content so at the very least you have a consistent presence can be very beneficial. When those endless scrollers have seen all that they want on one app, they simply switch apps – hence endless scrollers!  Maybe your posts didn’t click for them on app number 1 but then boom, you’re on app number 2, they recognise you, and this time they’re listening…

4. Put the ‘Social’ in Social Media

Understand what your audience wants from you through social listening. This means you will be equipped with knowledge of how things are being received not just from your brand but from your industry. What are people enjoying? Who are people following? What trends are people doing? Use this information to steer your strategy. On that note, don’t forget that the beauty of social media is that it can open up a conversation with your audience. Use that to its full advantage, engage with people, respond to feedback and build a community. If people know your responses are informative or funny (or whatever) then they are more likely to engage. Having strong social media engagement will help the algorithm boost your social media marketing and keep the good times rolling! 

5. Some Rules are Made to be Broken

Some say that you should create a social media marketing plan and then stick to it. But to that, we say, not true! Allow your content and strategy to evolve as you gather feedback and information from your audience – that is the great thing about social media after all! If something isn’t working you will be able to measure that quickly and act on it. Don’t be afraid to go in a new direction. Maybe a new social media trend comes up that is perfect for your business, jump on it! Maybe one type of post performs surprisingly well, do more of it! All the data that shows you what stands out in a world of endless scrolling is sitting there in your metrics and analytics waiting for you to use it! 

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