When one of New Zealand’s NZX heavyweights decides to appoint a digital media expert to their Board of Directors you know that digital marketing is here to stay.

According to Jeremy Marks, director of MOSH, social media training and consultancy company, many marketing departments are toying with the idea of developing a social media presence but have yet to commit to developing and implementing a strategy. “The market has been waiting for clear signals that social media is integral to winning market share rather than just an add-on activity. While larger companies have been willing to invest in some trial work, there has been a lot of hesitation. This governance level, as opposed to executive level appointment, is significant.

“Social media is not a passing fad it is the ‘killer’ means to court and wed your product or service to your target consumers,” said Mr. Marks.

Auckland International Airport, who recently reported a $178M profit was reportedly ‘keen as mustard’ to snaffle Michelle Guthrie, currently an executive at Google Asia Pacific on the basis that she brought far reaching customer engagement and new media expertise.  The Board Chair Joan Withers added that Ms Guthrie’s appointment would greatly help Auckland Airport drive future growth in New Zealand trade, travel and tourism.

MOSH, who have been in the business of up-skilling executives across the business spectrum, recommend that companies do more than create a Facebook page and leave the content to languish.

Facebook is just the start and it is the tactical support of Twitter or Pinterest along with irresistible competitions that will build cohesion and drive results. We can certainly see how exciting this appointment of Michelle Guthrie is to Auckland Airport – shareholders should be delighted.

MOSH offers three tiers of social media training courses, including a customised course option that tailors training to meet the specifics of a company’s business stage, product range and resourcing. MOSH is one of only a handful of independent social media training providers and is based in Auckland with branch offices in Hamilton and Tauranga.

For more information contact: jeremy@mosh.co.nz

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