Don’t drink and Facebook is a lesson you learn pretty early on.  Whatever intelligent views you may have when you are outside of 3 glasses of sauvignon blanc are forever attached to your name once you hit ‘update’.  Apps like Whisper and Secret allow you to post anonymously.  Whisper is mainly used by college students and youngsters, but newcomer Secret is aimed at an older crowd, co-workers are able to offer feedback without having their name attached to their posts.  Aside from the obvious worries about the opportunities for bullying and nastiness, I think there is another issue.  I’m not convinced people like to hide, even when they aren’t posting anything that puts them in a good light.  Looking round Whisper, there are some interesting snippets, such as ‘I met my wife on Craigslist, when she was advertising as a prostitute.  I love knowing what she used to do.’  That’s certainly titillating but ultimately means nothing without context.  For that reason, I lost interest reading Whispers pretty quickly.  Ultimately, I don’t think people want anonymity.  They want recognition.

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