It’s always good to see kiwis give the smart alecs in Silicon Valley a run for their money.  Geoff Devereux, Tom Cotter, Ross Howard are doing exactly that.  Buzzdial has all the hallmarks of a sparkly digital idea.  Users can rate events on TV as they happen.  For instance, do you want Ricky on The Voice to get through or do you want him booted?  Use the two buttons under the dial to show your choice.  Invite your mates on Facebook and Twitter to get involved too.  Users can create any dial they like about any TV show.  It will be interesting to see what the public really thinks and feels about story lines and plots as well as the aspects chosen as dials and how popular they are.  The obvious source of income would be selling the analytics to broadcasters for whom the information will be invaluable.  I like the simplicity of Buzzdial.  You only have to look at it to understand what it’s for and how to use it.  My gran could use it while she watches Coronation Street.  Which makes the analytics even more interesting given that they’ll come from a wider demographic.  The other thing I like about its simplicity is that by pressing one of two buttons to voice your opinion, there is no option to type, so all those meanies out there can’t spit bile about people they don’t know.

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