Looks like LinkedIn thinks you’ve been using LinkedIn wrong. So, to help you up your game, the platform nicknamed social media for grownups has shared some tips on how to get the most out of their advertising platforms with a new infographic showcasing how to use the different objectives, placements, and creative options.

Despite being New Zealand’s second-largest social media platform by number of users, and one in three Kiwis over 16 using it every month, some marketers still overlook LinkedIn, or shy away from it due to its more expensive advertising nature compared to platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

To help marketers get the most out of their advertising options, they’ve created a handy-dandy infographic with guides on targeting and presentation options you should look to depending on campaign type, as well as tips on how to build a more effective approach with the platform’s ad tools.

There’s also a little tidbit hidden in the update: LinkedIn teases a coming option that will allow you to include multiple ap formats in a single campaign. For those of us who use LinkedIn on the regular, this will be a welcome change!

Check out the full infographic below and get planning for 2022!

Image Credit: LinkedIn

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