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Instagram is FINALLY letting you post from your desktop 💻

Can we get a HALLELUJAH?! 🙌 It’s been a long time coming, with testing starting way back in June, Instagram has finally rolled out a photo and video posting functionality from desktop. Unfortunately, it will not include Stories or Reels uploads at this stage -but we can’t imagine it’s very far away!

Instagram has announced ‘Collabs’ which will allow creators to invite other accounts to be co-authors of Feed posts and Reels 👭

Instagram is on a roll with these new updates! Creators will now be able to invite another account to be a collaborator from the tagging screen on Instagram. If the user accepts, both will become co-authors of the post or Reel, and the content will be shared with both sets of followers. The content will have a shared view count, like count and comment thread. Interestingly, Instagram has pointed out that ‘this is not a way to co-create content, rather to co-author a post or reel’. Guess you can say that Instagram is looking to encourage engagement by getting friends involved and building community in the app.

Facebook is testing a new option for cross-posting your Facebook feed posts to Instagram 🥳

Yes, yes, we know that you can already cross-post Instagram content to Facebook, but now they’re testing a feature that would see posts flowing in the other direction too! For those that are active on both platforms, this feature could save you from having to upload those videos of your cat being sassy twice.

Creators on Instagram are now able to schedule their upcoming Live 📅 🎥

Now you can count down the days for your favourite Creator to go live. Creators will be able to build up buzz for their upcoming Live by scheduling it up to 90 days in advance. From here, they can share that scheduled content directly to their followers through both their Stories and Feed posts.

Facebook is adding Quick Access tabs in Search for you to access your favourite accounts even faster 🔎

Stalking your celebrity crush on a regular basis just got a lot faster. Facebook’s ‘Quick Access’ tabs in Search will now highlight your most searched profiles, Pages, and functions in the app. I’ll still be checking on Megan Fox’s page multiple times a day, but thanks for making it that little bit quicker, Facebook.

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