Hey Mosh, launch our product (in a fiercely competitive market) and while you’re at it, prove the ROI.

As an independent beauty company in little old New Zealand, Snowberry’s goal was to develop an affordable, natural and authentic skincare range for women all over the world. Very ambitious and just the way we like it.

With the launch of their New Radiance product, Snowberry decided to give social media a whirl, and they tasked us with communicating why Snowberry’s products were unique; genuine products that really work. Plus the small matter of proving an ROI. Showcasing their product would be the easy part, imparting Snowberry’s values and culture would be where the magic happened, to get people connected with the brand, convert into sales and develop customer loyalty.

We employed a content driven strategy to build the Snowberry Facebook community from the ground up. This included a series of engagement campaigns like this, and these played a critical role in building our following.

Campaign content was supported by a constant stream of brand-driven content, designed to share Snowberry’s values like being ecologically responsible, valuing natural and true beauty from within, plus a refusal to use petrochemicals, artificial colours, and DEA or MEA ingredients.

Within weeks of launch, stocks of New Radiance had vanished.

We had managed to build a keen and interactive community, who acted as excellent ambassadors for the Snowberry brand. Snowberry’s Facebook page was flooded with positive feedback and a high level of engagement, and sales of New Radiance far exceeded expectations, selling out within weeks of the launch.

This meant community management started to play a key role in managing customer expectations, but with the agility of our team and theirs, this was turn into a positive engagement opportunity. Snowberry got a whole lot more than they bargained for, but managed to react superbly!

Campaign Snowberry