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With Halloween behind us, we’ve bid farewell to the pumpkin carving, lolly regrets, and spooky festivities 👋 Now’s the time to defrost Michael Bublé, and prepare to throw the office speaker out the window because Becky won’t stop playing ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ by Mariah-bloody-Carey! Welcome to the November Mosh Newsletter.

We’re talking about Instagram’s latest Reel feature, YouTube testing new generative AI elements, Pinterest launching a new education hub for creators, and many more goodies! 

The Mosh Social Media Advertising Masterclass

You may have noticed an email from us announcing the first-ever Mosh Training Webinar, hosted by our resident Training and Campaign Manager, Oli Garside. 

We’re very excited to share our social media advertising knowledge with you. We’re also very excited to announce a special offer for our regular subscribers: For the first 25 who sign up for the webinar, we’ll give you a year’s FREE subscription to our content management tool, Mocko, worth over $200!

The Mosh Social Media Report – NZ Beauty Edition

Have you read the Mosh Social Media Report – NZ Beauty Edition yet? If not, why not? We’ve created an extensive study of the most influential beauty brands in New Zealand and have shed light on the industry’s digital landscape.

What are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the curve, stay informed, get your copy of the report here, and embrace NZ’s biggest players in the beauty industry.

Instagram Adds New Song Lyrics Display to Reels 

Can Reels be even cooler than they already are? The answer is…YES. You can now add song lyrics just like you do in Instagram Stories. So, when you’re grooving to your favourite tune (NO, Becky, NOT Mariah Carey, we warned you!), simply add a music clip to your Reel and choose the lyrics option. The lyrics will then pop up on the screen as text. You can pick your favourite font, highlight the part you love, and even add a personal message to your clip.

Let’s be Reel (hah – see what we did there?), this move isn’t surprising considering how music has taken over social media, especially on platforms like TikTok. Instagram is catching up, and it’s making it easier for you to join the fun. People have been manually adding song lyrics to their Reels, so Instagram decided to simplify the process with this new lyrics sticker. It’s now available to all Insta users. Whether you’re in the mood for an 80s vibe, a bit of RnB, or even some T-Swizzle (we’re watching you, Becky…), it’s time to up your Reel game and get in on this feature!

YouTube Testing New Generative AI Elements

Calling all YouTube enthusiasts 📣 There’s some exciting news coming from our friends over at YouTube – they’re taking things up a notch with the power of AI! YouTube is currently testing topic summaries for comments, offering viewers a fresh way to get an idea of the vibes of a comment section. When you scroll through the comments, you can now dive into specific topics related to the video, sparking mini-discussions.

For creators, it’s a goldmine, as they can jump into conversations, get ideas for new videos, and even remove certain topics from comments. This feature is being tested on some big English-speaking videos, and YouTube Premium members can give it a spin.

But wait, there’s more! YouTube’s introducing a nifty tool called “Ask.” which lets you throw out questions about a video and explore topics in-depth. The tool suggests questions based on the video, but you can also ask your own.

Now, before you get too carried away (we know you’re eager), it’s important to note that these features are still in the experimental phase and a work in progress. YouTube is tinkering away, striving to enhance our experience and make it a tad more epic. While it remains to be seen if users will find these features useful just yet, they’re taking a step forward in making the user experience on YouTube even better.

Pinterest Rolls out Education and Information Hub for Creators

Can we all agree that Pinterest is on fire this year? Pinterest just rolled out the latest new thang for all you creative souls out there! It’s your go-to guide on how to rock those Pins and make some serious moolah while you’re at it 🤑 

So, what’s the deal? Pinterest’s latest education platform is designed to give creators tons of tips and tricks to help them make the most out of their Pins. The list of features is pretty massive, but a few highlights we noticed were:

– Ever wondered how to be featured in Pinterest’s cool editorial spots? They’ve got the lowdown on that. 
– Dishing the deets on how to jump on the latest Pinterest trends. 
– The new platform also includes guides on creating eye-catching Pins, nifty fact sheets on Pinterest’s creator funding tools. 
– An interactive content calendar, so creators know exactly what to post each month. 
– They’ve even thrown in some dedicated walk-throughs, so creators can get super specific advice on how to conquer the app like a pro.

Whether you’re a Pin whizz or a marketing guru, there’s something in it for you. It’s like your one-stop shop for all things Pinterest, helping creators earn some serious dough through their Pins. 

After years in the social game, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and we’re keen to share our digital wisdom! We’ve created a series of customisable modules. Whether you’re new to the gig and need to learn it all, or have been around these parts a while and have discovered a gap in your knowledge, come along and have a lesson on all things social! Check out all of our options here or get in touch for details. 

And there you have it, that concludes our November newsletter! But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon with our end-of-the-year wrap-up, so we’ll catch ya there peeps!


The Mosh Crew.

We swear to god Becky, this is your last warning… 👀

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