If you were looking for a new dinner setting and a case of french wine – sorry you just missed out. New Facebookers French Country Collection have just closed  their Facebook competition. In just eight weeks they’ve achieved more than 4,000, on-target, engaged Facebook Likes.


French Country Collections have been sourcing ‘Beautiful Products for the Home’ since 1987. The company was started by Sonia Watts making designer items from her home in Auckland. As the business grew it became an importer with a French antique / objets d’art theme. Have a look at their collections, and prepare to covet.

We started working with French Country in May this year. We took them through a strategy development process first which allowed us to align their resources with their objectives and map out a plan to get them up and running on social media. Because of the target demographic it made sense to focus on Facebook primarily and use Pinterest to support that activity.

Full credit to the staff, they took to it like a duck to water.

Full credit to the staff, they took to it like a duck to water. The Facebook community has exploded having just ticked over 4,000 on-target likes with terrific engagement.

They’ve achieved this by turning up to social media with generosity and a willingness to share. A little giveaway that involved dinnerware to die for and some French wine certainly helped.

They’ve also got a burgeoning Pinterest presence – if “French Country” is your thing it’s a must see with plenty of inspiration. Make sure you follow them as they’ll be adding to their themed boards over the coming weeks.

Congratulations French Country, that’s how it’s done.


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