We recently ran our third and most advanced social media workshop (03: Social Media Marketing Campaigns) and have been delighted at the value everyone has been getting from the workshops so far. But what we hadn’t anticipated was doing a whole lot of learning ourselves.


When we put our capes on and set out to improve the social media literacy of businesses in New Zealand, we didn’t quite know who a typical workshop attendee might be.

Getting a horse’s-mouth perspective of who’s done this, who’s experimenting with that and who failed on the other has been invaluable for us and our attendees. The experiences we’ve been able to tap into in the classroom setting has been quite humbling and definitely something we’ll continue to encourage. So who are these people that give up a day of their lives to learn social media?

We’ve had small business owners, marketing professionals from medium organisations to large corporates (assistants through to managers), advertising and marketing agency employees, one-person bands and start-up entrepreneurs. Some of these people need to know social media for the health of their businesses, some for their clients, others are upskilling for their own careers. All want some clarity on how to use social media properly.

Some other feedback from the 40 – 50 people we’ve had at our workshops so far includes:

  1. People genuinely want to learn about social media

  2. People enjoy learning by doing (and helping others)

  3. Caramel slice beats ginger crunch (thanks Little Cake Kitchen!)

So a big thank you to all those that have come so far, you’re helping us continue to develop a really valuable offering.


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