The New York Times has very kindly patted all us silly mummies on the head and generously offered to explain ​how Bitcoin works to your mom.  Then we got a twinkly eyed condescending smile as we were ushered into ​Mom this is how Twitter works.​ Even more irritating than the title of that particular website is the complicated and poor description of Twitter’s functionality coupled with the doe eyed pictures of children and animals that all mummies are assumed to favour.

When I gave birth to my three children, my economics degree and trading career in London were not expelled from my vagina at the same time.  Mums aren’t fuckwits who need things explained to them.  We are the ones who’ve pretty much explained everything to the fuckwits writing those demeaning articles about us.  Before I get my tits too much in a tangle, I’d advise you to read this article by Amanda Hess, ‘​E​nough With The Ageist, Sexist Mom Jokes‘ who elucidates far better than I could.

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