Social Media is a great way to amplify a marketing campaign, but don’t forget about the customers once it’s over.  Think about it: a well-integrated strategy across different media is put together, the campaign makes a lot of noise and Likes, Follows, Shares happen. My question is what happens at the end of the Wam Boof Pow campaign?

What happens to the Social Capital that’s been built up for the brand? Does that get planned for?

Certainly, social media should be used to promote marketing campaigns. You will get more bang for your buck by increasing the reach of the marketing dollar. What companies need to be aware of is that there is an opportunity once an audience is engaged and a community is created. That community can then be grown, conversed with and marketed to over and over.

One of the worst things to see in the social media world is a brand profile that has fallen into disuse. It’s almost as bad as one being run badly. I’ve seen plenty of examples where Facebook Pages from large NZ companies that have finished their competition and then been left to languish amongst the tumbleweeds of cyberspace. A business social profile is like the shop window and needs to be attended to and kept fresh.

Can you imagine if Michael Hill moved out of one of their flagship stores but left the signs up, the pictures of rings at half price, and the door open for people to just walk in, feel disappointed then walk out again? It’s very similar.

If you’re running social media campaigns for your own business or organisation and you’ve paid the initial advertising cost, built up a following,  then it would be beneficial for you to continue building that word-of-mouth.

Using social media to amplify a campaign can lead to great engagement, we just believe once those consumers are engaged don’t let them dis-engage…


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