He’s probably a bit too shy to blow his own trumpet so I’ll do it for him. Our very own Jon Randles, Head of BD at MOSH HQ has been invited to chair the 2014 #NZSOMO conference. The conference has a damn fine line up and is easily the biggest and flashiest of its kind in New Zealand. Looking down the list of speakers makes my social media antenna quiver. There are quite a few big hitters with serious experience. The big four (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google) are all represented. Amy Mills from Twitter will be talking about connecting with every day, live and connected moments which I like the sound of. New Zealanders haven’t used Twitter as much as other countries but that is changing. Twitter’s a great platform for immediacy so learning about ways to make the most of that aspect will be useful. One of the talks which tickles my fancy is Fiona Fenwick’s presentation on the impact of social media on reputation. Everything’s fine and dandy when your Facebook page is flooded with thank yous from happy customers but it only takes a single rogue comment and a rushed reaction to get a tsunami of negativity washing around you. Forewarned is forearmed so this’ll be a goodie I reckon. The New Rules of Storytelling by Matthew Davison, Head of Product Analytics and Insights at Google will be popular – any chink of light from the steel trap that is the Google Algorithms bunker will have everyone craning their necks.

Jon Randles MOSH Social Media

The Social Media guru himself – Mr Jon Randles

Jon is well placed to head up the event as he has worked with some whopping great clients and come up with some high-five worthy campaigns as well as dabbing a glowing forehead from time to time, helping clients with a bit of fire fighting. He is also running a workshop on 2nd July at 1.30pm ‘Proving ROI and Analytics for Social Campaigns.’ It’s all very well coming up with a slick looking campaign but ultimately useless if you haven’t determined how you’ll measure its success and what tools are out there to do the job properly.

There’s an early bird price available until 28th April 2014 and the event is to be held at The Viaduct Events Centre from 30th June 2014 – 1st July 2014.

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