We took a look at nearly 24,000 New Zealand Facebook Pages to see how we’re all doing in little old Aotearoa. Then we condensed our findings and made this report for your convenience.

But even more convenient, here are some of our key findings:

  • Facebook is New Zealand’s second most popular online destination (after Google Search) – and the place where Kiwis spend more time online than anywhere else (over 10 hours each month).
  • A good chunk of users (around a quarter, or 663,000 of them) are in the 45-54 age range. That compares to 424,000 users under 25 years old.
  • Interaction with business Pages has declined as Facebook has introduced paid services like advertising and promotions.
  • As at September 2017, across the 23,971 NZ Facebook pages we monitor, we estimate that an average of just 2.63% of Page followers will interact with a typical Page.
  • Just over half (51.4%) of all New Zealand Facebook Pages (not including global brands’) have less than 500 likes; about a quarter (23%) have fewer than 100 likes; two-thirds (65.6%) have less than 1,000 likes; and only eight NZ Pages have more than 1 million likes.
  • The All Blacks are the most liked with 4.5 million and are also the most talked about, and FutureCOL has the highest engagement levels (323%).
  • Emotive, useful and “behind the scenes” posts perform well, as do visual posts (especially videos).
  • Pages should share stories that relate to the brand, as well as use humour, ask questions, interview experts or public figures and share testimonials.
  • We predict videos are going to keep rising in popularity with expanded capabilities and that marketplace is yet to truly takeoff.

Read the full report to see how the big brands stack up against the little guys – and who is actually wooing their audiences. We think you’ll be surprised…


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