The question: Why are New Zealanders not demanding more of their insurance providers? The answer:

Membership-based insurance and investment provider, MAS has undergone a shift in its brand presence to a purpose-driven role. With this new motivation, they looked to incorporate video production into their marketing strategy. 

MAS wanted to ask their audience to demand more from their insurance providers and encourage them to question providers where their profits are going. The aim of this project was to use video storytelling to showcase MAS’s commitment to a healthier Aotearoa and the contributions the MAS Foundation makes to health equity in our communities.

Mosh’s mission was to fill a dual role of using high-quality production and video storytelling as a tool to helping to push audiences down the marketing funnel and convert them to MAS members.

What was our approach?

During our pre-production planning phase, we soon discovered that presenting an authentic illustration of the MAS Here for Good stories was key to getting our message across. By showcasing all the wonderful things MAS has done for Aotearoa through the MAS Foundation and grants, we wanted to present our audience with the idea of where their insurance profits were currently going and where they could go.

That’s where Carlton Irving comes in – a MAS Here for Good Scholarship recipient and our first Here for Good video story. Driven by his action-focused attitude, Carlton developed a cultural awareness programme to serve underprivileged communities as a paramedic and now soon-to-be doctor. It was paramount to us to tell his story in his own words. 

With a shot list, storyboard, and tonne of camera equipment in hand, we set out to Gisborne, Carlton’s home. From the beautiful landscapes of Gisborne, interactions with his family to Carlton in action at work, we decided to shoot cinematic-styled footage to trigger an emotive response from our audience. From there, we moved to the editing suite, where all the magic happens! Selecting and cutting down 3 terabytes of footage to 3.30 minutes is where the story comes to life. We decided to slow down clips, emphasise nature sounds, intertwine slow-paced music, and ultilise soft colour-grading to further pull on our audience’s heartstrings. And that’s a wrap on the video!

How do we use video storytelling on social media?

Utilising the completed video, we wanted to drive audiences from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom over a three-month period. Month one was all about making some noise. We executed two campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The first was an Awareness campaign, and the second was a Web Traffic campaign. We targeted a broad audience to help generate recognition and create a foundation to re-market our campaigns further down the funnel. Coming into months two and three, we slowly spun down the funnel, introducing a Conversion element on top of the Awareness and Web Traffic campaign. Utilising the data collected from the previous month, we re-targeted those who watched the videos at the top levels encouraging them to convert to potential MAS Members.