1.  Facebook On-Page Giveaways

Facebook have allowed on-page giveaways for a month or so now and we’ve seen a lot of businesses taking advantage of the new rule change. Two problems that have arisen however, drawing a winner (how do you choose between 300 likes?) and contacting the winner (Pages still can’t initiate private contact with individuals). Drawing a winner has been solved – use Woobox’s free tool, instructions here – job done!

2. LinkedIn Group Stalking

For those B2B organisations, using LinkedIn is really important for generating sales leads. And there’s no better place to find leads than in LinkedIn groups. These could be industry groups (not necessarily your industry) or groups formed out of more focused interests. Either way, before you go about joining groups willy nilly, click on the Group Statistics tab (you may have to click the More… link first). There you get a really good snapshot of what sort of engagement and people there are – before you start posting to a whole bunch of people who aren’t there.

3. When to Post on Facebook

Is there a good time to post on Facebook? is possibly the most popular question in the world. Generally speaking, Facebook usage in New Zealand peaks in the evening, so if you want to give your Facebook posts the best chance at life, schedule your posts for 7-9pm. Schedule? Yes, use the schedule tool on the bottom left of the new post box – it looks like a small clock, and is super simple to use.

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