Here are five New Zealand companies using Facebook Business Pages well. Make sure you read until the end, there’s a quiz question.

HELL Pizza.

Hell Pizza Facebook Page

From giving cheques to the Christchurch rebuild and feeding the hungry to creating international outrage over their mis-fortune cookies, love them or loathe them HELL have certainly made a splash on the New Zealand consciousness and across social media.

Sitka – New Zealand.

Sitka Facebook Page

Sitka, a small Newmarket surf/skate wear store certainly know their audience. With an aim to provide quality products through sustainable and fair manufacturing standards, they care. And so does their fanbase. And it shows.

Boundary Road Brewery.

Bounday Road Brewery Facebook Page

A relative newcomer to the New Zealand beer scene, Boundary Road made a splash by running great integrated campaigns across Facebook, web and traditional media. I won some free beers from them so definitely worth a mention.

Mr Vintage.

Mr Vintage Facebook Page

Umm, they sell t-shirts (and other clothes). But they do it very well. They capture the New Zealand mood and 5 seconds later it’s up on facebook as a t-shirt you can buy (although maybe a bit too early with the one in picture). Seems to be a very well run unit and like Sitka have a great rapport with their fans.


Giapo Facebook Page

Can you read the description? This is one ice cream (well, gelato) parlour on Queen St and they have 30,663 fans~! How? By focusing on social media as THE medium to engage their audience. And they have queues out the door in winter…!


So there are 5 New Zealand brands using Facebook well that came to mind. And to the question:

What do these companies have in common?





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