Last week we ran three full-day Social Media Training workshops in a row for the first time. There is a lot of preparation that goes into these days from planning the content to organising the catering to delivering the workshops and it was quite an exhaustive experience. At the end of the last day I was able to reflect on the week and was given the chance to see how the days had run from the eyes of a couple of attendees.

Jane and Christina had both flown up from Christchurch to attend all three workshops. They didn’t know each other and had come up separately, but both had realised they had gaps in their knowledge of social media and saw our training as a way to fill those gaps. The training we do is quite intense and we fit a lot into each day, so it was great to see them each morning trundling their bags, suitcases and laptops with smiles ready to start another day.

We had a celebratory drink at the end of the final day and it was so rewarding to see their new found confidence on show. Of course they still had questions to ask, but the questions were much more refined that when they had begun. As I helped them carry their bags down to their respective taxis we hugged and it was that kind of feeling you have at the end of a camp or a holiday when you’ve made good friends after going through a journey together.

We at Mosh set out with a mission to increase the social media literacy of businesses in New Zealand and have had people attend our workshops from Auckland, Bay of Plenty, the Waikato, Wellington and now Christchurch and for me personally it’s been so rewarding.

Thank you to those that have attended the Mosh Training courses so far, and especially to my new friends from Christchurch who took the time and made the investment to spend three days with us here in Auckland.




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