Your social media habits are written in the stars…. no really!

Do you ever find yourself amused or annoyed by your friends social media habits? Whether it’s constant selfies, emo quotes, or #foodgrams – their zodiac sign may be to blame.

We all know that your star sign has a strong influence on your personality, character, relationships and emotion. But, did you know that your zodiac sign can actually say a lot about your social media presence?

Prepare to be enlightened. Read on to see what your social media habit is, based on your star sign.


Aries Social Media Star Signs

As the first sign of the zodiac, it’s in your nature to want to come first in everything. You’re competitive and think of your social media as a version of a trophy case, showcasing to the world your life achievements. As a natural born leader, you have no trouble building a community who is there to cheer you on or as we would say – give you a cheeky ‘like’.


Taurus Social Media Star Signs

With your zodiac sign being a Bull, it’s no secret you’re as stubborn as they come. You appreciate the finer things in life. Fancy restaurants? Nice cars? Oh the luxury. Bold and direct, but also secretly sensitive, you’re the type to quickly erase any negative feedback a post may receive.


Gemini Social Media Star Signs

It’s all smoke and mirrors when it comes to the Gemini, so your feed looks like you are having the time of your life. Only very selected content makes the cut for a Gemini to actually post. You are not one for emotional quotes, or even to be seen ‘liking’ anything remotely embarrassing.


Cancer Social Media Star Signs

Cancer are natural nurturers who generally are ruled by their emotions. So for you Cancer signs, your social media is all about promoting the things you love or as Marie Kondo would say “sparks joy”. Whether that’s your pet, a trendy new outfit or latest bae…


Leo Social Media Star Signs

The Lion is the Zodiac for the Leo, so it’s no surprise you dominate whichever environment you find yourself in. The Leo puts the “extra” in “extroverted” and your social media accounts are no different. You are creative, loud and outgoing and your social media mirrors your boisterous personality.


Virgo Social Media Star Signs

The Virgo sign is extremely detail oriented and critical, so it’s not uncommon for you to never post. When it comes to your social media, you tend to keep your personal life private. Virgo’s are extremely observant so you are always watching, don’t deny it, just blame it on your sign.


Librans care about image. You are usually very well-liked and put together – which is why you don’t have to try and impress. You just do. You nail the ‘don’t look like I tried’ look, and your social media reflects that. Let’s just say your feed is on point filled with fashionable mates, your latest arm candy or a recent art gallery visit.


Scorpio Social Media Star Signs

You’re the most emotional of all the signs AND the most competitive. What a combination! Therefore it makes sense that the Scorpio is all over the place when it comes to social media. Try not to overthink it Scorpio.


Sagittarius Social Media Star Signs

You’re that friend who’s down for anything and everything, so when it comes to social media you suffer from serious FOMO. You don’t take yourself seriously, and to you, life is entertaining and your social media sure does reflects that.


Capricorn Social Media Star Signs

The Capricorn is practical, reliant and often overly ambitious. So take it easy Capricorn, you get overwhelmed by the feeling of not doing enough. As a result, your social media profiles are not the most exciting out there…. but you’re okay with that.


Aquarius Social Media Star Signs

You’re a little bit of everything aren’t you Aquarius and your social media behaviour reflects that. Stalking? Fashion inspiration? Spiritual quotes? Selfies? You use social media for a bit of everything. Even though you want to play it cool when it comes to your posting tendency, the truth is, you’re a perfectionist who strategically plans almost everything ahead of time.


Pisces Social Media Star Signs

The dreamy Pisces… Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re extremely sensitive so it’s important to keep yourself grounded. As a water sign, the best way to do this is with a quick dip in the ocean. For you, social media is a way to escape reality for a bit. Peering into others lives can be in a sense therapeutic and hey – that’s what it’s there for.

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