Small bites, big updates!

We’ve got you covered with the tastiest snack-sized bites of freshness cooking in the world of social media news.

Instagram is planning to invest over 1 BILLION USD to pay creators to create Reels. 🎥

Yup, billion. With a B! In an effort to combat TikTok’s exponential growth, Instagram is introducing a bonus program that will pay creators for creating outstanding Reels content. The bonus programs will be seasonal and developing over time, but sorry Kiwis, it’s only available to creators in the US at the moment, but might expand globally as early as next year! Guess that’s going to give us enough time to get our dancing up to speed!

Nearly of third of Americans get their news from Facebook. 📰

News consumption across social media has been a rather controversial topic of conversation over the last decade. While there is increased access to information, there is also the potential of activist groups boosting fake news. According to Pew Research, 31% of Americans are regularly getting their news from Facebook. Pew also notes that the criticism of tech companies has ramped up over the course of the pandemic leading to vaccine hesitancy and refusal for those American’s that have consumed misleading information.

TikTok has reached 1 billion monthly active users. 🚀

More big B’s this week, what an achievement for TikTok! They also managed to reach this milestone years earlier than Facebook and Instagram—making it one of the fastest-growing and most-used social media platforms. Although TikTok’s success was almost halted by the Trump administration last year due to data concerns, the potential ban was dropped in June this year, allowing TikTok to reach the 1 billion user mark in just over 5 years.

Facebook is testing a horizontal scrollable bar of additional information beneath adverts. 👀

We’re sure this has got a lot of business owners excited! Facebook is currently testing a way to provide more context on paid promotions. The horizontal scrolling bar is likely to see new features like business location, user-checkins and page follows. Let’s hope the official rollout isn’t too far away!

A new NZ-focused stock library has launched. Ka pai Truestock! 🙌

Finally! A source of jandal-wearing, tui-warbling, 100% pure NZ focused royalty-free stock images that truly reflect an authentic representation of New Zealand has landed in the form of Truestock. Truestock is also on its way to becoming the first platform co-operative in New Zealand—meaning all photographer contributors become co-owners. Supporting kiwi creatives always gets a hearty chur from us!

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