If you’re using millennial slang because you want your content to be “lit”, you might want to reconsider before your brand goes down in flames.

The internet is awash with examples of companies who have tried – but failed – to use on-trend lingo to appeal to younger audiences.

Even Google has been called out for such behaviour.

This is summed up nicely by an Entreprenuer.com article which says, “Few things are more creepy than a brand trying to be hip.” In fact, trying to be down with the kids is actually doing your brand more harm than good.

So how do you avoid the dad-dancing of social media?

By staying authentic.

This author looked at emerging and established companies which are popular amongst millennials, such as Eos and Chobani and Amazon and Starbucks, respectively. She found that none of the brands tried to adopt internet buzzwords.

Developing your brand’s voice is key, and using that voice consistently in all interactions with your audience will cement the reputation you are building.

Trying to be cool is, after all, one of the least cool things you can do.

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