An egg.

A regular, brown egg.

But it’s not just any egg, because this particular one is now the world’s most famous egg.

It boasts the most liked post on Instagram, surpassing that of Kylie Jenner’s baby almost three times over.

Powerful, right?

This is every brand’s dream; to be the most talked about thing on the Internet, if not in the world.

I mean, if an egg can become the crowned ruler of Instagram’s most liked photo, who’s to say what a brand can do?

But just how did an egg dethrone the queen of social media to become an internet sensation?

Here are three Instagram marketing secrets discovered from this monumental moment in social media and internet history.

1. The Challenge

The egg set out with a simple but ambitious challenge – to set a world record and beat the current one held by Kylie Jenner. Kylie’s famous first photo of her daughter Stormi got 18.7 million likes, and over 2 million comments. This post also broke a record after exceeding Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement of 2017 that had 11 million likes.

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stormi webster ????????

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The first thought anyone would think is: “an egg, like seriously?”

The challenge targeted someone really famous on Instagram, who is liked and disliked by many, and, most importantly, everyone wants to participate in breaking a world record.

The result: 53 million likes and 9.9 million followers to boot.

2. The Basic Rules of the Gram

The egg used some basic social media principles:

  • Clear call to action: the goal was to beat Kylie Jenner’s record and all people needed to do was like the post.
  • Compelling content: it was just an egg; no glitz or glamour around it, no movement or action. This sparked an online frenzy as people commented on the post, some wondering how an egg could trend on Instagram.
  • Posting time: the post was shared on a Friday night. This is a peak when most people are free to like, repost, and tell their friends about it. Genius!
  • Instagram stories: the story was constantly updated and many memes were created around it; even Kylie created her own meme frying the egg.

3. The Sequel

After such a successful post, the Instagram egg’s followers will most likely watch for what it’ll do next.

Will it crack again? Will a little chick pop out? Or will it be bought by a world famous person?

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One thing’s for sure, it changed the course of Instagram history.

Its subsequent posts haven’t received as many likes as the very first one, but they still draw millions back for more.

However, a cryptic message was posted on the egg’s Instagram story that said: “It doesn’t end here though; we’re only just getting started.”

That’s a sure sign for its followers to stick around.

Who knew an egg could teach us so much about Instagram marketing?

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  1. Moo Lanke,

    Wow! Simple, easy to understand and remember. I’ll be sure to implement some of these nuggets to my social strategy. I love it! Thanks ????????

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