Everyone wants to feel a part of something or know as much as they can about a brand… but as a social media strategist, how do you stay on brand, while making sure you’re keeping the masses interested?

Simple! Planning is key.

Follow these three easy tips that’ll take any business Instagram profile from blah to blazing!

Develop a Social Media Content Calendar

What’s the point of having a content calendar you may ask? Organising your thoughts and ideas ahead of time will allow you to focus on executing the perfect post; including what to place in the caption, which hashtags to use, and who or what you plan on tagging in the post.

By creating a calendar of ideas, you’ll be able to see over time which ideas/posts performed the best, which posts trended well and which topics you’ve covered before.

Consistency and frequency are key when you’re creating posts that showcase the best parts of your brand. You can’t keep your customers’ attention when they aren’t sure what you’re talking about or what you’re trying to offer them.


Use the Same Filter or Focus When Uploading Images

When choosing the perfect images for your Instagram posts, you want to make sure it’s something that your audience would like to engage with, that the image was taken in a creative way, and that the finishing touches on the image give off the effect that you want.

By using the same filter or soft focus, for example, in each image, it helps to develop a type of cohesion for your business Instagram profile that immediately sticks out in a subtle way to your audience.

Using this technique will not only encourage people to scroll through more of your images to see what else you have to offer, but it will lead to more exposure for your brand as you grow and build more of a following. The more people you attract, the more they will want to check out your website and see even more of what it is your brand offers.

Choose a Cohesive Theme That’s On Brand

Your Instagram layout equals your theme!

The more eye-catching you are, the more traffic you’ll attract with how you organise your page.

There are some amazing themes out there that help to elevate any Instagram page if you’re gutsy enough to try it!

Some favourites include:

  1. Diagonally – Easy to set up by choosing a type of photo + choosing a colour or particular word image (quote, saying, logo, etc.).
  2. Row by Row – Allowing each row of images to tell a story.
  3. Middle of the Road – Easy to set up once you determine the specific set of images to be placed vertically in your page; for example, images of pawprints, a logo, etc.).

There are a ton of ways to make your business Instagram profile stand out among Instagram’s millions of users. However, it takes a special type of genius to develop an overall strategy; beginning with a content calendar of posts per week, using the same filter on all images, and creating a theme that makes sense and works for your brand.

Once you start with these three basics, next you can focus on building an audience and keeping them engaged!

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