Kia ora koutou e te whānau o Mosh! Welcome to the Mosh Social Media Newsletter for April 2023!

Grab your teacups because we’re boiling over with hot brews on all things AI, DMs, and everything else that uses an acronym on the WWW. Sip, sip, and settle in for a social spill sesh.

The 5 P’s for a Perfect Influencer Marketing Plan

If you reckon you have a good grip on social media and assume that influencer marketing is a walk in the park, think twice… we’ve put together a lil listicle (everyone loves a good listicle, right?), for you to have a look over on the Mosh blog. Read here to perfect your next influencer marketing campaign.

Move Over Grease, AI is the Word

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your ads could soon be built in a jiffy. Keen on better ads that won’t bust your budget? The meta mega-minds have done it again. They plan on rolling out the red carpet on generative AI-created Ads for users by the end of the year.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth says:

“[Brands can] ask the AI, ‘Make images for my company that work for different audiences.’ And it can save a lot of time and money.”

They expect the generative AI to have the capability of building virtual worlds in the metaverse on command. So creating a few variations of ad sets that target a good scope of users for your brand should be a piece of cake.

If cake isn’t convincing enough for you, the clever cookies of social have a new internal team dedicated to its development and have been investing in AI for over a decade now. Watch this space.

Underrepresentation? Never Heard of Her

Our pals at Pinterest have been paving the way for underrepresented groups through their Creator Fund programme and they’ve just extended the support to five new countries. The new roll-call sports; Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. 

They’ve invested over $2.3 million in financial and educational resources for the programme since its debut in 2021.

Zeny Shifferaw, the Creator Inclusion Lead at Pinterest said

“Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, and inspiration is fuelled by diversity of experiences, perspectives and communities.”

And we’re here for it Queen. 👑

ET! DM…? Home

Phone-call-phobics this one’s for you. The data is in and 0800 hotlines are out.  Old mate Mark at Meta has rolled out some brand-spanking new business messaging features – including an info page packed with pointers on how to respond to customers who slide into your bizzo DMs and how to maximise your connection process.

The proof in the research pud suggests that FB and IG users’ behavioural trends have switched up since 2k22. People are DMing more and publicly posting less. But while creation and engagement are in a steady decline, over a billion people per week are messaging businesses across both platforms.

The math is mathin’ and it seems that DMs are valuable players in building your brand’s community and staying in touch with your audience. You get the drift, time to get acquainted with the shift. Peep the info page here.

Somebody’s Soft Launching on Their Stories…

Shut the front door and slip another task off your To Do list onto AI’s desk. Facebook is soft-launching ‘Advanced Stories’. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might be prompted with the new feature early. The AI creates stories based on previously uploaded images to your account and with a bit of thematic matching, cooks up templated frames ready for you to hit the post button on faster than you can say ‘Automated Stories’ three times.

A handy-dandy tool for business pages wanting to put the spotlight on specific products and whip up some batch content without the bother.

After years in the social game, we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way, and we’re keen to share our digital wisdom! We’ve created a series of customisable modules. Whether you’re new to the gig and need to learn it all, or have been around these parts a while and have discovered a gap in your knowledge, come along and have a lesson on all things social! Check out all of our options here or get in touch for details. 

If you made it this far, we hope that we welcomed home some brain cells for ya. Catch you next month, we’ll bring the social media tea – you bring the bickies to soak it up.

The Mosh Crew.

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