What do you do at Mosh?

I am an Account Manager at Mosh. END. SCENE. Haha. Basically, I keep our clients happy, call them and bug them all day long and make sure their needs and requests are tended to so they feel warm, fuzzy and trusting in Mosh. I then dump all the nitty gritty stuff on Sarah and she turns it into beautiful content. This is my job at a very base level. As this is my fourth week with the company, naturally my job will only become more intricate and there are plenty of layers to it that I have barely even tasted yet – but I WILL taste them and they’ll taste GREAT.

Mosh Celebrities

Ooh, another thought, this is where my extreme OCD side will come in handy – I can’t stand looking at my emails, or apps on my phone with any kind of notification or number on it – they HAVE to be cleared as soon as I see them – so far this has translated great into my work as I’m scared to 1. screw up haha and 2. miss out on any info. My OCD with this is so bad, that when I wake up to go to the bathroom at 4:12 am every morning, I won’t let myself go back to sleep until all the notifications on my phone are cleared (horrible habit I know, but I just can’t stop!).

How did you come to be working for Mosh?

Although I’m only 25, I have already been working for 13 years.  I started off as a child model in Singapore from 12 years old. Then was scouted by Nickelodeon Asia where I did lots of presenting, things like a sort of MTV for children and game shows. I used to get flown around from Singapore to the Philippines to Malaysia and shoot with my co-stars overseas, shoot after school on weeknights often until midnight then on the weekend I would fly round Asia. All this was worked around my normal school life of lessons, touch rugby practice and games and performances in the school dance team. We moved to Auckland where I attended high school in the 6th form. In my first lesson, my new classmates recognised me and were googling me. I made ‘friends’ pretty quickly that day!

After finishing college in Auckland, I graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California in 2012 with a broadcast journalism degree. I then worked for a fashion recruiting agency for a year after that just to use up my visa to stay in the country. So here I am back in Auckland. I got a job working for an owner of a multitude of companies from property, to selling lead, water treatment chemicals, etc – I handled all of their in-house media, promotional material managed their websites, etc. The whole subject matter just really started to bog me down and I wasn’t feeling inspired and most of all I wasn’t proud of my work.

One day, when I decided to pick up my nuts and look for a new job, I Googled “Social Media Auckland” and Mosh was the top one to pop up. I sent the info account an email saying I was looking for a job, I got a couple interviews first with Jon, then Julian, then with Jeremy and Sarah – and then POOF! The job was mine, here I am, happy as a damn clam and so proud that I made the bold move to say I am worth more. Cheesy as it may sound, I have gained more inspiration, ambition, positive energy and professional desire with Mosh in four weeks than I did at the old place in a year. Need I say more?

What is the most important factor in launching a social media campaign

I would say my top tip would be to know your audience! Like REALLY know them. The biggest downfall isn’t posting too much or at the wrong time, it’s simply posting the wrong stuff for the wrong people. It might sound really basic and elementary, but it’s a very simple thing that even big, established companies/organisations get wrong. It is SO detrimental to not only your social media pages but to your following in general. Your target audience follow you, read your news, tweet you, like your photos for a reason – so make sure you have researched what they will like and what will resonate. Sometimes the most obvious things are the trickiest, and I certainly think getting the right content in front of the right people is crucial and very easy to screw up.

Who would be your dream client?

My dream client would be someone like Zara or Adidas. They reach a massive audience with a mixed demographic. I come from a very diverse background so would love to work with a company or organisation who can cater to those different sectors. Zara and Adidas are affordable but not cheap, but they also have a classic presence where they are respected but not Chanel-like status where the masses can’t afford it. I like the level they are at.

Who is nailing social media in New Zealand?

Denizen Magazine – Their Instagram especially is really classic, great pictures, good hashtags, just clean, classy, and trendy and I love their content.

Anything else you’d like to say Camilla?

The four years I spent working for Nickelodeon were the best years of my life and if I could go back to this time I would do it in a HEARTBEAT. That is why I decided to pursue Broadcast Journalism because I want to be on television – I’m good at it, I love it, and it really makes me feel GREAT. So keep your eyes peeled, any chance I can get to be in people’s faces – I’M THERE!

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