As one of the fastest-growing social apps out there, TikTok is increasingly focused on providing an easy way for marketers to make the jump to their platform. Even more importantly, it has to show WHY advertisers should spend that next marketing dollar with them instead of their larger, more established competitors.

Part of the hesitance is that marketing on TikTok isn’t quite the same as other platforms. The biggest difference is that users respond best to native-style content that blends with the user experience, rather than interrupting it. But we’re starting to see brands that understand this change and make the switch successfully.

Helping marketers switch their mindset has been one of TikTok’s key focuses recently. To this end, they’ve partnered with market research company IPSOS to conduct hundreds of brand lift studies to gather insights that could help marketers get the most out of TikTok, and, as a consequence, potentially shift more of their marketing budget there.

So what does TikTok say is currently driving the best responses? The infographic overview below shows TikTok’s key branded content tips highlights. According to them, including characters in your clips, custom songs are worth considering in your approach to TikTok.

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