The team at Mosh is expanding and we thought you’d like to meet the team, because we are humans – not robots or aliens or animals. First up is Jon Randles, one of Mosh’s founding fathers.

Jon from MOSH

What do you do at Mosh?

Mainly I do the talking. Presentations, training, business development… I’m also one of the partners so have a hand in developing the direction of Mosh.

What was the route to your job?

Painting, construction, teaching, banking plus I started a website business and an educational tourism company.

What’s your advice for New Zealand companies looking to launch a social media campaign?

Think about your audience. Put yourself in their shoes. What will they engage with? What do they want to win? Start with the audience in mind. So often we see cringe-worthy campaigns as the marketing team haven’t asked the question: “Would I do that?”

Who is nailing social media in New Zealand?

I’ve got a soft spot for HELL Pizza who has been a client since day one. They aren’t out there just flogging pizza, they’re about promoting the theatre of their brand and nailing customer service.

What do you think will be the biggest trend on social media in 2015?

Hopefully, it’s a focus on producing engaging content, rather than just producing content.

Got anything else to say, Jon? You are our head of talking, after all.

Social media is easy, until you start doing it properly.

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